Exonum Blockchain: Your Platform for Trust

Get started with trusted blockchain platform

Get started with trusted blockchain platform

Exonum Blockchain — Your Platform for Trust

Easily and quickly develop a custom, decentralized solution on the Exonum open-source
Develop on Exonum

The Exonum framework enables you to develop, test and deploy custom blockchain applications. You can:

Write a custom blockchain service.
Integrate your service with another back-end.
Maintain your blockchain service.
Explore 30+ projects successfully built on Exonum
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Key Features
Exonum blockchains come with the following features.
Projects built on Exonum are empowered with following features:
BFT Consensus
Custom-built Byzantine consensus algorithm
Mining not required
Functions even if up to 1/3 of the nodes are offline or compromised
5,000 tps. high performance
0.5 s. latency
Anchoring to Bitcoin Blockchain
Resistance to collusion
Raises security to the level of public blockchain
Byzantine fault tolerant
Light Client
Client-side software
Increases auditability and transparency
Proofs verification and helper functions
Anchoring verification
Rust core
Faster development
Resistant to bugs
Improved speed and performance
Jungle Boobook Owl
Consensus and service keys are stored in separate files protected by passwords
All Exonum crates updated to Rust 2018 edition
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