In a Nutshell

Exonum is an extensible framework for blockchain projects

Exonum enables you to build decentralized, secure and reliable blockchain applications. It is designed to allow people, companies and governments to design custom private or permissioned blockchains that benefit from the unmatched security of public blockchains.

Exonum brings all the advantages of a true blockchain — auditability, transparency, and unparalleled security — and combines them with privacy, efficiency and controllability.

Your next step to blockchain is here. Your next step is Exonum.

Exonum. Your next step to blockchain
Exonum. Your next step to blockchain

BFT Algorithm

Exonum's Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm excludes single points of failure and makes your blockchain solution resilient against node crashes or bad actors.

Light client

All received information is validated on the client side with the help of Exonum light client, securing clients against MitM attacks.


Anchoring data to Bitcoin network protects Exonum against history revisions by leveraging the tremendous security of the Bitcoin Blockchain.


To achieve top levels of security, performance and concurrency, Exonum uses the Rust programming language, and offers Java-binding for Java developers as well.

Our Great Team

Exonum is developed and supported by the Bitfury Group. Exonum is the direct result of extensive research and testing by our elite team of the best-in-class mathematicians, scientists, developers and analysts coming together to create and support this inimitable platform.

How it works

Exonum Blockchain


A blockchain is more innovative and secure than a database. It is decentralized (not stored in any single location), meaning the records it keeps are protected against falsification. Easily auditable by design, it has a tamper-resistant and authorized transaction history assured via cryptography.

Blockchains can be public or private. The main difference between the two types is how the default permissions built into the network allow new blocks to be written to the chain. Exonum can operate as either a private or permissioned public blockchain.


No single point of failure or excessive influence.


Transactions are viewable by all parties and transaction history cannot be unnoticeably altered or deleted.

Cryptographic proofs

Everything stored in your Exonum Blockchain is secured with cryptographic proofs. The data you provide will not be tampered with or altered.

Exonum Consensus


Exonum uses a custom-built Byzantine consensus algorithm that keeps your data safe without needing to “mine” blocks, even when your nodes malfunction or become vulnerable to actors. This feature also makes it nearly impossible for a bad actor to add incorrect data or change the history in your Exonum Blockchain. Even if many nodes are compromised, your Exonum Blockchain still maintains its fundamental security properties, protecting your data. Your Exonum Blockchain also updates immediately with the addition of every new block. This consensus algorithm also enables your Exonum Blockchain to handle as many as 5,000 transactions per second (TPS) within a global, distributed network with a clearing latency of 0.5 seconds, and can handle up to 15,000 TPS in custom cases.

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Exonum handles up to 5,000 transactions per second with a clearing latency of 0.5 seconds, and can handle up to 15,000 TPS in custom situations.


Your Exonum Blockchain can function even if up to 1/3 of the nodes in your Blockchain network are offline or compromised.


In the rare case all of your Blockchain nodes are compromised, bad actors cannot circumvent Exonum’s fundamental security properties.

Exonum Anchoring


Anchoring is the process of saving a fingerprint (a hash) of a system state to a public source. Anchoring removes the need to trust the administrator(s) of an Exonum Blockchain unconditionally; at the same time, it keeps sensitive data private.

Exonum has built-in anchoring on the Bitcoin Blockchain, making costs of an attack on any Exonum Blockchain comparable to that of the entire Bitcoin network.

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The Bitcoin Blockchain provides a qualitatively new level of security of Exonum data.

Transaction history

Users of an Exonum-based Blockchain would immediately notice any manipulation with the data and act immediately to restore security.


The decision to anchor is made when a group of validators reach a consensus. This consensus is irreversible and, due to the decentralized nature of the validators, eliminates any single point of failure.

Exonum Light client

Light client

Exonum makes it easier than ever to build and use a blockchain-based solution. Along with the entire library of code, we have also open-sourced the client-side software that you can use to manage your blockchain. Your Exonum Blockchain can utilize a JavaScript lightweight client that allows you to connect to full nodes, request data, send transaction requests and, most importantly, verify cryptographic proofs from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device. This lightweight client offers access to a constant audit trail of your blockchain.

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Data Authenticity

Client-side data validation makes “man in the middle” attacks — or even a completely compromised node that the client communicates with — impossible.


Use of JavaScript makes the client easily portable to browser, desktop and mobile environments.

Exonum Rust


Exonum is based on Rust, the most secure programming language to date. Rust is a systems programming language designed to be safe, concurrent and practical. It is similar to C++ with emphasis given to thorough memory management which protects against many common errors in programming. Rust is currently faster than Java and Go programming languages and continues to improve.


Rust uses a powerful static code analyzer and type system inspired by functional programming languages to assure execution safety.


Rust is among the fastest and most secure programming language. Rust is also predictable in its use of resources (CPU, memory, I/O, etc).




Use cases

Exonum Distributed Timestamping

Distributed Timestamping

Exonum offers a new way to prove document authenticity — distributed trusted timestamping. Each document receives a digital fingerprint that is stored on the Exonum Blockchain to verify document existence and integrity at a certain point in time. Notarial and other certificates, prescriptions and coupons are a few use cases where the Exonum platform — protected from forgery and backdating — can be useful.

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Exonum Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Understanding a situation at a specific moment in time can be a challenge in systems where different parties use different internal systems to manage workflow. In this case, blockchain can act as a single point of truth, providing relevant information to all participants. The Exonum framework can manage any business logic to establish a system in which all parties are confident they have all the relevant information.

Exonum Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

Big publishing companies involve numerous intermediaries and dictate artists’ rights management, leaving them with only a fraction of their earnings. Exonum can help establish an automatic platform to ensure all parties are taking rules into account. By using the powerful smart-contract system, you can create a transparent and robust money flow control system.

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Exonum P2P Lending

P2P Lending

Complicated KYC/AML procedures and aggressive risk scoring makes peer-to-peer lending a “high risk — high gain” area of investment. Blockchain can affect value chain in a very positive way, providing an unprecedented level of transparency. Exonum protects investments and borrowings by allowing auditing on a real-time basis.

Exonum E-Voting


A useful e-voting application requires a central authority and a way to guarantee vote secrecy. Blockchain is the natural solution to these problems and guarantees the integrity in the voting process to all participants. Exonum modular architecture allows easy integration of specific cryptography tools, providing the highest level of transparency while also keeping sensitive data secure.

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Exonum E-auction


Existing auctions can abuse their centralized nature and use the power of system maintainers to provide dishonest advantages to some participants. In this case, average users may feel unprotected against malicious parties trying to violate the rules. However, the Exonum smart-contact system can enforce business logic usage to guarantee process integrity and data safety.

Exonum Government Registry

Government Registry

Your Exonum Blockchain can be used to create an entirely new process for citizen-government interactions. It can keep records safe while also offering a citizen true control of his or her assets.

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