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Queue Management
Queue Management

Queuing, or the process of registering for certain government services, is fraught with administrative inefficiencies and corruption that can affect crucial operations, including social and medical services, and diminish citizen trust. A blockchain-based queue management system can digitize this process, providing a transparent avenue for both government officials and citizens to monitor its operation and ensure its fairness through improved identity management, smart contracts, immutable recordkeeping and lessened opportunities for fraud.

Issues Facing Queue Management:
    • Lack of transparency
    • No single trusted source of information
    • Document falsification
    • Risk of corruption
    • Reputational risks
How Exonum Blockchain
Transforms Queue Management:
    • Data about each queue participant is stored in the blockchain (with personal data hidden for privacy)
    • Each participant in the queue can access the status of the queue and track their sequence in line (including any material changes made to the queue)
    • Any organization can easily be connected to the system in order to audit and verify the process
    • Any type of fraud is instantly recognized by the users and auditors and prevented without consequences