Class Prefixed

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public final class Prefixed
extends AbstractAccess
A prefixed database access. It uses a base Access, and adds an address resolution.

The Prefixed Access resolves the index addresses by prepending a namespace, followed by a dot ('.'), to the name part of the address.

This class is a native proxy of the Prefixed Rust Access.

  • Method Details

    • fromHandle

      public static Prefixed fromHandle​(long prefixedNativeHandle, Cleaner cleaner)
      Creates a new Prefixed access from the native handle. The destructor will be registered in the given cleaner.
      prefixedNativeHandle - a handle to the native Prefixed Access
      cleaner - a cleaner to destroy the native peer and any dependent objects
    • getCleaner

      public Cleaner getCleaner()
      Description copied from class: AbstractAccess
      Returns the cleaner of this access. It is supposed to be used with collections and other objects depending on this access.
      Specified by:
      getCleaner in class AbstractAccess