Exonum Blockchain: Your Platform for Trust
About Exonum

The Exonum platform is an open-source, enterprise-grade blockchain framework that helps businesses and governments securely bring blockchain projects to life. It is already being used in a variety of industries by Bitfury’s award-winning software engineering team.

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Key Features

The Exonum platform leads the industry in transaction processing speed and scalability, while also bringing exceptional security to your blockchain project. With the Exonum ecosystem, you can build powerful blockchain platforms with smart contracts, anchoring to public blockchains and more.


The Exonum platform is designed to anchor to a public blockchain like the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Anchoring is the process of saving a “snapshot” of a system state to a public source (eliminating the need to trust the administrator of the blockchain unconditionally) while keeping sensitive data private and benefiting from the robust security of a public blockchain. As a result, if a bad actor were to infiltrate a majority of your blockchain nodes, any changes to your Exonum blockchain would be recorded and immediately noticeable.

To further improve security, the Exonum platform is written in one of the most secure programming languages – Rust – which provides comprehensive execution safety and predictable resource usage.


Our cutting-edge consensus algorithm enables Exonum-powered blockchains to handle up to 5,000 transactions per second with a clearing latency of 0.5 seconds (with up to 15,000 transactions per second possible in custom cases).


The Exonum platform enables you to restrict data visibility in your blockchain, protecting user privacy without sacrificing security. Additionally, Exonum uses a custom-built Byzantine consensus algorithm that keeps the data safe without needing to perform extensive computations to “mine” blocks. This safety holds even when the nodes malfunction or become susceptible to manipulation.


The Exonum platform can be integrated into several customer applications for easy auditing of your blockchain to facilitate easy auditing of your Exonum blockchain.


We offer many services to make your Exonum blockchain customizable, including our Exonum Java Binding application that enables flexible integration of Exonum blockchain with custom business logic.

We also offer the Exonum Dashboard, a user-friendly interface that enables the quick and easy launch of your platform, as well as easy ongoing maintenance. The Dashboard also provides you with custom settings to assign different access levels through different user roles.

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