Exonum Blockchain: Your Platform for Trust
What is Supply Chain?

A supply chain is more than just a network of manufacturers and suppliers – it’s a vast ecosystem with multiple parties that can follow a variety of models. A robust supply chain management solution brings efficient operations, increased transparency and improved regulatory compliance. A poor supply chain management system, in contrast, leads to excess costs, poor quality of goods and increased capacity for corruption.

Challenges of Supply Chain

The businesses and government organizations within a supply chain process face many challenges, including a lack of transparency, that can lead to inefficient operations, counterfeit products, corruption and a lack of synchronization.


What is Supply Chain?
The benefit of blockchain in Supply Chain

Exonum is Bitfury’s premier blockchain solution for businesses. An Exonum blockchain enables transparent coordination throughout the supply chain and prevents accounting manipulation. It is possible to implement any business logic in an Exonum blockchain, helping develop an effective system that provides all the supply chain participants with the same shared source of information.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing an Exonum blockchain for Supply Chain:

  • Prevention of illegal data correction (unauthorized data modification)
  • Traceability and true control of data and goods
  • Transparent tracking and auditing
  • Elimination of goods falsification and corruption
  • Cost reduction for insurance services due to a high level of transparency
  • Easy auditing
  • Improved legal and regulatory compliance