Exonum Dashboard

Exclusive tool for partners that enables you to launch your own blockchain quickly and easily.

Ultimate Accelerator

Your team will be equipped with a user-friendly interface to deploy and maintain an Exonum blockchain network. The dashboard ensures that the deployment process runs smoothly and efficiently and protects DevOps teams from common mistakes. The dashboard will speed up your time to market and cut possible delays on the way to a complete solution.

When deployed, the Exonum Dashboard will serve as a monitoring tool. It has a built-in blockchain explorer with the ability to examine block and transaction details as well as anchoring transactions. You also can add custom monitoring settings, enabling you to assign different access levels to the monitoring through different user roles.

Main Features

  • Fast blockchain network configuration & deployment.

  • Helps bring your product to market faster.

  • Protection from common mistakes.

  • Powerful monitoring tool with custom settings.

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