Exonum Blockchain: Your Platform for Trust
What is Asset Management?

Most asset management use cases refer to the tracking of key information about an asset in a registry. A registry is an authoritative list, usually containing one kind of information that identifies distinctive assets. There are many different types of registries, such as land registries, civil registries, motor vehicle registries, and more.

Challenges of Asset Management

One of the most serious threats to secure asset management is the risk of the registry being compromised. This can be done through data manipulation or physical loss of records, as many registries are still maintained on paper.

Aside from manipulation and destruction of these paper-based registries, the manual workflow is time consuming, inefficient and expensive.

Asset Management
The benefit of blockchain in Asset Management

Exonum is Bitfury’s premier blockchain solution, which can help businesses and governments digitize their registries, enable secure data storage, enhance trust and minimize corruption.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing an Exonum blockchain for Asset Management:

  • Transparent and efficient workflows without paperwork
  • Impossibility of data manipulation
  • Immutability and true control of data and assets
  • Quick and low-cost online record verification
  • Ongoing safety of records
  • Easy auditing Streamlined implementation with other services
  • Improved legal and regulatory compliance