Bitfury’s Exonum Blockchain Framework Now Available for Java Community

20 June 2018


AMSTERDAM, June 19, 2018 – The Bitfury Group’s Exonum team released a long-awaited Java Binding for the secure and fast framework, enabling Java developers to build services on top of Exonum for private blockchains.

Java Binding aims to become an essential development tool for the Java community. It provides interfaces to extend Exonum with services with custom business logic. It also includes a software development kit (SDK) to integrate third-party Java applications with Exonum blockchain.

Exonum Java Binding is open-source and available on GitHub.

Java developers will benefit from using the Rust-written core of the framework while developing their own services in their native programming language. Exonum’s key advantages are high security and performance, which make it attractive to governments and businesses. With Java community now on board Exonum opens more possibilities for its intense adoption.

“We chose Java as our first priority in terms of binding since it’s the most popular programming language and has a large community of developers worldwide,” said Gleb Palienko, head of Exonum.

The current release of Exonum Java Binding is an Alpha version of the product and will serve developers as they learn the basics of blockchain development. Its goal is to give a “playground” for developers to learn how to build services on Exonum.

“Meanwhile, the team is actively working to add essential features to this tool and make it production-ready. Soon, we will launch a version of Java Binding 1.0 for the implementation in production-ready solutions,” said Gleb Palienko.

The Exonum team is eager to get your feedback and we are available for your questions in Gitter chat or at

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About Exonum

In July 2017, Bitfury launched its open-source, enterprise-grade blockchain framework, Exonum. Exonum is the software framework that helps businesses and governments securely and easily bring blockchain ideas and solutions to life. It provides high performance in transaction processing and the unmatched security of the Bitcoin Blockchain. It also offers the technology’s most attractive features like transparency and smart contracts. Exonum is available to anyone wishing to develop a blockchain-based solution and is already in use for a variety of use cases by Bitfury’s award-winning software engineering team.