Blockchain Digital Signatures


The Bitfury Group, the world's leading full service Blockchain technology company, announced a strategic partnership with BestSign, the largest digital signature platform company in China.

The agreement is intended to revolutionize the online processing of documentation by BestSign.

Bitfury and BestSign, a leader in electronic signature cloud platforms in China, are working together to facilitate the use of blockchain technology in the electronic contract sector. This project will use Exonum’s cutting-edge platform to revolutionize how online documents are processed. This will help BestSign’s clients by providing them with better products to enable safer contract signatures and storage through blockchain technology.

Miss Joy Wan

Miss Joy Wan

CEO of BestSign

Development of electronic contract products based on blockchain technology will facilitate the use of blockchain technology in the electronic contract sector. Moreover, the present interaction is meant to:

  • Advance the application of blockchain technologies, such as distributed ledgers and smart contracts, in the frame of a large variety of electronic solutions from digital signature to disputes;
  • Enable safer contract signatures and storage for end users.

The main goal of the Bitfury and BestSign agreement is to provide the end users with a product that will meet the criteria of judicial validity, convenience, security and ease of use, enhanced by the combination of the cutting-edge services provided by BestSign with The Bitfury Group’s blockchain expertise and time-stamping technology.

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